Hi, My name is Paul and I am just like you. I started researching and reading online blogs about personal finance in hopes of increasing my income and saving money. I blog to help you do the same and to help me increase my own knowledge.

This blog is to help US work through the personal finance world. I want to touch on topics such as budgeting, blogging, income, and automation. Hopefully, I can help you eliminate your debt, increase your savings, or at the vary least change the way you look at your finances.
Over the years while reading other blogs, books, and other resources I gained some useful knowledge and skills that have helped me, and I want to share that knowledge with others. I hope to provide basic personal fiance advise to those who need it, as well as thought provoking posts to like minded personal financiers.
So why “The Financial Robot”?

Because in may ways robots and money are similar. They both work for you or against you. Neither operate with emotion and are inanimate. If controlled correctly, they can be powerful tools to increase outputs. But if uncontrolled they can be destructive.
My goal is to help you build a “money machine” that can be automated and work for you. Let’s create a community of personal finance robots that can work together.
Feel free to reach out to me with comments and/or ideas at TheFinancialRobot@gmail.com.